Nurtured with care and born in Los Angeles, Chad & Wyn® has invested countless hours in developing amazingly soft clothing essentials for your baby. We are parents who can relate to the glory, victories, and epic failures of parenting. Our foundation is built on this product of love. Our hope is to teach earth-friendly values for generations to come. Our goal is to provide quality baby clothing fundamentals and moments parents can cherish forever. #loveteachcherish
C O M M I T M E N T   T O   L O V E
Late-night feedings, tummy time wiggles, and hearing the best little giggles, we know that many new adventures await as soon as your little one comes. With all of these changes impacting your life and your sleep, you can rest assured that all Chad & Wyn clothes are reliable, safe, and full of value. From our functional designs to our incredibly soft fabrics, our love is found in the details.

100% GOTS Certified Children's Product Certificate
Peruvian Pima Cotton Lead-free button snaps
No dyes or chlorine bleach Eco-friendly packaging

All of our products are thoughtfully designed to help parents and babies be at the utmost comfort in both body and mind.

E A R T H - F R I E N D L Y   V A L U E S
Teach the next generation that caring for this world is worth the extra penny or two because this world – their world – is priceless. We conserve, save, and treat one another with fairness and respect, not for ourselves but for the generations that come after us – our kids. We do and follow what is right and aim to go above and beyond not only because it is the right thing to do; it is the good thing to do.

Chad & Wyn is committed to ethical practices and environmental-friendly materials. 

M O M E N T S   T O   C H E R I S H
We thrive on helping parents navigate and celebrate this rewarding journey of “parenthood.” Every parent’s experience is unique and different. But all parents stand united in the overwhelming love and grave responsibility they feel for their children. As we watch our children reach precious milestones, we discover that something cherished doesn’t require over-the-top frills or thrills. Something cherished can be simple moments that bring smiles to our faces or products we reach for every day. 

At Chad & Wyn, we are committed to providing support for parents and quality products that last. Our authentic Organic Peruvian Pima Cotton collection gets better with time and softer wash after wash. Simply put, we exist to help make life easier for parents so you can focus on what matters most – your baby.