Organic Pocket Baby Clothes

T H E  N A M E
The name "Chad & Wyn®"was created by combining two nicknames near and dear to our hearts. The nicknames symbolize the intimate relationship of family love and support of one another in all aspects of life. 

T H E  L O G O
Our logo is a symbol created with the basis of love. Connected, they form an infinity sign. It shows our hope to teach our children values that will last forever and to remind them of our unconditional love.

T H E  P O C K E T
“I want to keep you in my pocket forever.”
A common phrase used between lovers, family, and even friends, we translated and transcribed it lovingly onto our products. While we wish our little ones could stay little forever, we hope that our pocket will serve as a reminder to love, cherish, and grow together in all the beautiful moments that have passed and have yet to come.