O U R  P H I L O S O P H Y
While our commitment to love is found in our clothing, our love is also built on our ongoing strive to help parents navigate parenthood. We know every parent’s experience is unique and different. But we can all agree that parents stand united in the overwhelming love and profound responsibility they feel for their children. Because after all, our little ones will continuously look to us on how to navigate the world. At Chad & Wyn®, we hope to be a humble platform that parents can turn to when navigating this chapter of life. 

One of our endless duties as parents is to raise loving, caring, and respectful children. As role models, we demonstrate to them the rights and wrongs of daily life, whether by recycling to protect the planet, befriending others to appreciate differences, or displaying good manners to teach respect. We do and follow what is right and aim to go above and beyond not only because it is the right thing to do; it is the good thing to do. Teaching kids to care for our world and everyone in it ultimately leads them to cherish all things. We hope we can stand united in helping raise loving, caring, and respectful children.

O U R  M I S S I O N
Ultimately, our philosophy– to love, to teach, and to cherish– is to set an example in giving back. We strive to do our part to help create a healthy and sustainable future for all. This motivation is demonstrated in our actions and service to our families, our planet, and our communities. In turn, we hope to cultivate passionate, caring, and empathetic human beings who strive to create positive social impact.

O U R  E F F O R T S
As a business built by parents for parents, we are able to support and give back to the causes that we believe. It is stitched within the DNA of our brand and outlines every piece of our business and operations.

So how are we giving back to the community?
Sarah Pflug love books F I R S T  B O O K
We believe books play a pivotal role in the growth of your child. Books not only develop children’s language skills and vocabulary, but also demand kids to think critically and move beyond self-absorption. They provide opportunities to share cultural experiences and so much more. Books are and will always be an integral part of a child’s education, which is why we have donated and will continue to make yearly donations to First Book.

First Book believes that education is the best way out of poverty for children in need. Significant barriers stand in the way for kids in low-income communities, including scarce books, learning materials, and a lack of diversity in the books that do reach them. First Book’s mission is to remove these barriers so every child has a chance to receive a quality education. 

Check out their mission here and their educational images @firstbookorg.CHAD AND WYN TREES DONATION O N E  T R E E  P L A N T E D
All of our packaging is earth-friendly-- right down to the ink! We work with suppliers who prioritize packaging by using as much recycled content as humanly possible. In addition to our continuous efforts to support sustainability, we’re honored to support reforestation with One Tree Planted.

Through our partnership, we plant a tree for every swaddle blanket sold.

So why do we need to restore our forests?
Trees clean our air and water, create habitats for biodiversity, contribute to our health and wellbeing, and create jobs for social impact. We’re honored to expand our environmental efforts on reforestation, one of the most tangible actions available to us today to counter the effects of climate change.

Check out the wonderful work they've done and continue to do around the world here and their awe-inspiring images @onetreeplanted.
Every year, 15 million babies are born prematurely– that's more than one in ten of all babies born all around the world. In our efforts to support the NICU healthcare professionals who provide round-the-clock care for premature babies, we will run an ongoing promotion on all our preemie-sized products (final price reflected at checkout). All proceeds will be donated to the NICU department at Rady Children's Hospital-San Diego the largest children's hospital in California dedicated to pediatric healthcare. 

Click here to learn more about their mission and @radychildrens for updates on their ongoing efforts.