Until the age of two, your baby’s skin is incredibly delicate and most susceptible to irritants. That’s why finding baby clothes made out of soft and non-irritating fabrics is an absolute must for parents.

At Chad & Wyn®, we only use 100% Certified Organic Peruvian Pima Cotton free from chemicals and perfect for your little one’s sensitive skin.organic babyAuthentic & Organic
Authentic Pima cotton originated in Peru. Peruvian soils must be fertile, and temperatures must be ideal for producing the best Pima cotton fabrics. Due to mother nature constantly changing, the production and availability of Pima cotton is limited. Additionally, Peru has a ban on GMO seeds, which helps their cotton meet organic standards and is considered hypoallergenic. Our 100% Organic Peruvian Pima cotton is grown, cut, and sewn ethically in Peru.

Rest assured your child’s safety is our highest priority. Our 
Children’s Product Certificate identifies compliance across all applicable US product safety rules for children. We use third-party testing that confirm our products are lead-free and pass all flammability standards.

Ethically Produced
Our textiles comply with all environmental, manufacturing, material, and social standards set by the Global Organic Textile Standard Certification. The GOTS establishes worldwide organic criteria for ecological and socially responsible manufacturing methods. From assessing the organic integrity to reviewing operational bookkeeping, the GOTS evaluates our entire production process. 

Perfect for Sensitive Skin
Most cotton processing uses industrial harvesting which causes breaks in the cotton fibers that can scratch and irritate the skin. Harvested by hand, our organic Pima cotton uses a process better for maintaining fiber integrity and is free from chemicals.

Long Lasting
Don’t worry about constant spit ups and dreaded blowouts, Pima cotton is highly durable and gets softer with every wash.

Pill Resistant
Those dreaded fabric pills happen when groups of broken fibers tangle together in a tiny knot. Since Pima cotton ages slowly, there is far less pilling and is a more sustainable choice for producing clothes. 

No Shrinking
our little wiggle monster will grow up fast. That’s why our fabric is pre-washed before the construction process to prevent shrinkage and loosening of the fabric weave.

Tear Resistant
Growing twice the length of ordinary cotton, Pima is high-end cotton known for its durability. The longer cotton fabrics and hand harvested process helps prevent the weave from breaking.